The Annunciation

The Annunciation

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.


What was your cost, O Mary?

A moment’s pause to listen?

Did not the angel bring “Good News”:

A chance to serve, to hasten

God’s will on earth? The Kingdom comes.

What simple words, “Thy will be done”.

+ +

What was your cost, O Mary?

Are ever words that simple?

Can they contain the emptiness,

The knotting in the temples,

When he you love withholds his name,

Rejects your words, retains your shame?

+ + +

What was your cost, O Mary?

Could you foresee the labour?

Does woman ever really choose

To joust with death to savour

A baby’s cry, then, “All is well!”

Is’t worth that cost life to distil?

+ + + +

What was your cost, O Mary?

A heart, sword-pierced and broken?

Time heals some wounds, your Son alone

Makes whole, fulfils word spoken.

How distant though the prophets’ tones,

When darkness falls and hope is drowned.

+ + + + +

What was your cost, O Mary?

Is yours alone the burden?

How many others stand exposed,

No angels, dreams to clothe them?

In others’ eyes they are undone.

What costly words, “Thy will be done.”!

+ + + + + +

©1994 Doug Hayman December 13th, St. Lucy’s Day;

written en route to a Quiet Day at Temple Pastures, Quebec.

[Permission is granted for these words to be reproduced for non-profit use, provided that they are not altered in any way, and that the author is duly credited.]

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