A Christmas Vision
(©1983 Doug J. Hayman)

1. Hark!  The new-born Christ Child cries!
Awake, ye dead, arise from sleep;
He has come, your souls to teach—
Behold, His face with glory beams!
Humble shepherds, foreign kings,
Once lost in death, behold now Spring.

2. King of kings and yet He chose
A humble birth of Virgin’s womb.
Born to live, yet suffer cruel—
But He shall leave an empty tomb.
Son of David, Son of Man,
Son of God in swaddling bands.

3. Angel-voices sing His praise.
All ye saints, draw near in faith;
Come as children to your King;
In wonder gaze on shining face!
Lamb of God, who takes away
The sins of the world,
In manger lay.

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